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A pilgrimage for inspiration

Sometimes our familiar surroundings can get stale and for me personally, I am able to go about my day in auto-pilot, not really noticing what’s around me as I have become so accustomed to everything. Now and again something may strike me, such as a particularly pretty sunset, a dark stormy sky or the light twinkling on the sea on a sunny day. However, it’s only when I immerse myself in new and unfamiliar surroundings that I really ‘see’ everything freshly again with a new and exciting inquisitiveness.

As an artist, I find it important to continually find fresh inspiration for my work. Personally, my favourite way to do this is by travelling to new places and seeing what I find there. I think walking a Camino is a perfect way to explore lot’s of different landscapes and places in detail and is therefore a great source of inspiration. You have time to really notice everything around you without the usual day to day distractions that get in the way. I find myself taking lot’s of photos throughout the days and am able to paint the

essence of these once I’m back home. Sometimes I will use my photos and memories to give me ideas for other kinds of artwork such as a collage.

The photos I take whilst walking often have a significant meaning or memory attached to them which can make for a nice back story to go with the final piece of art.

I have also seen other artists who bring a sketch book on their Caminos, collecting memories and inspiration this way. Some pilgrims choose to bring a notebook as a way to document their experiences or perhaps work through their thoughts which can be helpful.

Are you feeling creative? Perhaps walking a Camino will help get the ideas flowing ?!

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