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The power of walking

Bijgewerkt op: 14 jun. 2020

Everyone has different ways of dealing with challenging or upsetting periods in their life. Whether it be a disappointment, a heartbreak, a worry or anxiety, we all have some kind of crutch to get us through. When I look to my own life experiences in the past and to what’s happening right now in the lockdown, I can honestly say that walking has been a huge salvation throughout. The act of moving my body by putting one foot in front of the other and the feeling of going somewhere (even if it just around the block), serves to calm my mind and in turn, calm my body. It is a way to take a time out and create some head space. It also allows you to see your thoughts from a new perspective,as just the act of changing your surroundings can help break the cycle of going over the same thoughts/worries round and round in your head. I have never been very good at mindfulness or meditation but for me, walking can provide the same desired effects.

One of the highlights of the Camino for me was that by walking everyday, week upon week, my mind was gradually released from it’s exhausting busy bombardment of thoughts and I found that I felt lighter and more free. Short walks are like a day trip for your mind that can provide some refreshment but I always describe the Camino as a rejuvenating ‘holiday’ for your mind and soul. In theory, you would expect that lying on a beach would do the same thing but in my experience, just because my body is relaxing, it doesn’t mean my brain is!

It’s amazing how powerful walking can be and I think that is one of the reasons that a Camino can become addictive, life becomes simple and in turn, you are given the gift of calm. Until we can join the pilgrim paths again, I say,keep on walking! (even if it’s just around your house!).

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